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The Safe Entry System screens visitors with a contactless form on their smartphone.  If a COVID case is reported, we alert anyone who may have been exposed.

Without a plan your business is at risk

Your clients and staff need to know that they're protected

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Angie was afraid to re-open.  "What if a client or worker gets sick?  What if I get sued?  How do I show that we're prepared?"  With Safe Entry, Angie is open for business and showing her customers and workers that their safety is her priority.

Listen to the experts

If a business has taken reasonable steps to lower the risk of COVID-19 transmission, a COVID-19 liability lawsuit against it would be almost impossible to prove and win...

Myriam Gilles - Law professor at New York City’s Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law

3 steps to help your customers and staff feel safe

1. Scan the SmartSign with Phone

Our sign launches a form on your visitor's phone that asks quick CDC based questions and has them agree to a waiver that limits liability from the salon.

2. Enter With Confidence

After each visitor completes the form they show the salon that they are "Clear To Enter."  Their data is securely stored and only used to alert them of possible virus exposure.

3. Let Us Do the Rest

If a COVID-19 case is ever reported, the salon fills out our quick form and we'll automatically email anyone who may have been exposed. 

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Our clients love us!

It makes our clients feel safe and secure walking into our salon!  This device has been a huge success for our guests at our salon.  It's super easy & fast! It is especially important during these difficult times to be able to use technology to our advantage! The Safe Entry System has been extremely helpful in maintaining a safe environment in our salon for both clients & our stylists!

Angie // Sempre Bella Beauty Salon